About Us...

Turning Pointe Youth Initiative was established to reach youth where they are. We incorporate real time therapy and activities that meet the needs of youth in a untraditional therapeutic but life changing formats.

More about our story

Our Mission is to provide programs that meet today’s youth, as they are, unfiltered. Youth will be guided with all the necessary tools to learn societal norms in a unique and untraditional manner with successful outcomes.Youth will be exposed to Character Enhancements, Artistic Release Therapy, Diverse Multi-Systemic Analysis (ways of self understanding) and Self Empowerment in the fields of life changing events, and education.


What We Do......

We provide services to youth between the ages of 12-17. We also provide a transition program for young adults who are between the ages of 17-19. We craft tools tailored for each individual youth in the areas below. Youth can also take advantage of therapeutic services through our sister company.

  • · Decision Making Skills

  • · Anger Control and Conflict Resolution

  • · Individual and Family Counseling

  • · Art Therapy

  • · Behavioral Modification

  • · School Base Counseling

  • · Life Skills

About us